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Full-Service Pharmacy

Grubb’s NW offers the medications you need along with the service and care you deserve. We welcome all prescriptions and accept most insurances. Our pharmacists are always here for you, to answer any questions about your medications or suggest any OTC supplements you may need.

Specialty Services

As certain disease states become more complex, so do the medications used in treatment. Often, a specialty pharmacy is required to deliver the medications along with specialized services from knowledgeable pharmacists and staff.

A Woman’s Place DC

Grubb’s NW Specialty Pharmacy is the only fertility pharmacy in DC. Along with specialty fertility medications, Grubb’s NW also offers the services of A Woman’s Place — the source for women’s health in DC — including post-mastectomy fittings and apparel.

  • Last summer, as my husband and I were trying for our first baby, we learned that we were dealing with a variety of infertility issues. As we went through fertility treatment, we began working with Grubbs Pharmacy. I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about their service and staff. Their staff worked incredibly hard for us, helping to explain the uses of certain medications over others, and on our behalf with our fertility clinic and insurance company to make sure I got the medication I needed as soon as possible and with as little hassle to me as they could so I could start my treatment immediately. –Allison, Arlington, VA

  • Won't go to any other pharmacy. Terrific service with knowledgeable staff. The best pharmacy in the area. –Donna, Washington, DC

  • I am so thankful to have Grubbs as my pharmacy. I am dealing with a very stressful medical condition. Everyone that I have worked with at Grubbs has gone out of their way to help me. Daphnie at the Dupont Circle location was so helpful in working with me to get my prescriptions sent to the Capitol Hill location. I wish that I knew the names of the people at the Capitol Hill location that have helped me. They went out of their way to find my prescription even as the store was about to close. They have made a very stressful time in my life so much easier. Thank you!–Anita, Washington, DC

  • Thank you. I should have posted weeks ago but time got away from me. I found out in early December that I had a BFP after going through IVF treatment through Shady Grove. I had received my meds through Grubb's because of a raffle gift provided. Thanks to the BFP, I needed more meds. When I made my initial call, they said insurance didn't cover what I needed and it would be over $250 for my bill. I cried at the financial stress but it was what was necessary. About 20 minutes later, I received another call from Grubb's. They had rechecked my insurance and not only was it covered but they also had a coupon I could use. I was going to save $200. I cried again only in a good way this time. Many pharmacies wouldn't have done a re-check because it would mean less money for them. But Grubb's did and I can tell you it mean the world to me. THANK YOU for caring about your patients enough to re-check and notify when THEY can save money. Sincerely - it means everything.–Robin, Northern VA

  • My first step in the door made me a customer for life. It's not covered in stained-up industrial carpeting, or so claustrophobicly organized that finding what you need is a difficult task. You walk in the door, see nice wood floors, simple shelves with basic medical needs, and a friendly pharmacist smiling behind the counter. A smile cannot be underrated. And Grubb's gets that. A pharmacy is a place where customers expect some interaction from the employees. When you (or your insurance company) are paying big bucks for pills that could have big impacts on your body if you take them the wrong way, having a caring, understanding and friendly staff member assisting you should be the norm. –Chris S., Washington, DC